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The easiest way to potato information in Europe

A historical moment in crop yield information gathering. Potato business intelligence is only one click away from your desktop.With a...

Actual crop growth information portal lanched

Today the newest way for gathering actual crop growth information is lanched. On everyone can buy online growth information of crops in...

farmer behind his pc actual crop information

With Croplook the most actual crop growth information ever is within reach. Just a few clicks away from the screen on your desk. Availlable online, every time and any place. Accurate, detailed, reliable and timely!

Only buy the areas in Europe you're interested in.
The first step is to choose your crop. You will be directed to the specific crop site. At this moment potatoes are available. Select parcels (25x25km) in your business areas just by simply clicking them in the map of Europe. Put them in your shopping cart and order. Consider to order also the parcels which are historically driving market sentiment. The more parcels you order, the less they cost. Don't forget to login first when ordering additional parcels so we can calculate the correct price, taking into account the parcels you own already.

Get your information.
After your payment has been recieved, you immediately get access to your crop information when you log in. Start at the parcel overview and watch summary data of all your parcels. Click on a parcel to see it in detail.

Survey and use the actual crop information under the tabs:
- number of hectares planted crop
- yield in kg/ha (what is in the fields this week)
- dry matter (for potatoes)
- total biomass production in kg/ha of all vegetation in the parcel

Updated every week

Obviously we store this year's historical data for you. Accessable by simply clicking on previous date points in the time graph on every page. Once you bought the parcel(s) of your choice you'll get the information of the whole growth season, from half July until the end of September. Even if you buy it after the growth season. 

Still not convinced? Click on the sneak preview button in the upper right corner.
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