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The easiest way to potato information in Europe

A historical moment in crop yield information gathering. Potato business intelligence is only one click away from your desktop.With a...

Actual crop growth information portal lanched

Today the newest way for gathering actual crop growth information is lanched. On everyone can buy online growth information of crops in...

Agents for specific regions

In certain regions Basfood is represented by agents with local market knowledge and presence.
To achieve optimal performance and adaption to the specific needs of those regions.

Our agents and their specific regions:

Russia, Ukraine, Uzbekistan, Kazakstan and Romania.

DIFCO INTERNATIONAL BV is a leading consultancy company in the field of development and management of agricultural projects. Difco focus very strongly on the day to day management of the projects especially in the design and development stage. For crop production Difco co-operates with Basfood to optimalize the management of large scale crop production operations in Russia, Romania, Ukraine, Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan.

Difco International B.V.
PO Box 217
NL-8901 BA Leeuwarden
The Netherlands