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The easiest way to potato information in Europe

A historical moment in crop yield information gathering. Potato business intelligence is only one click away from your desktop.With a...

Actual crop growth information portal lanched

Today the newest way for gathering actual crop growth information is lanched. On everyone can buy online growth information of crops in...

Satellites and the SEBAL model

Highly accurate, detailed and reliable crop data every week during the growing season at such low prices.
Is that possible? ..... Sure!

Read more about the technology behind Croplook. This technology is called remote sensing. Satellites routinely scan radiation data from the earth's surface and transmit these to base stations. From here we acquire the relevant frequency bandwidths. The data becomes usefull for agriculture markets by interpretating and calculating it through complex algorithms in the SEBAL model.

The combination of those two cutting edge technologies leads to several advantages. As there's no need for ground support, the information can be provided at low cost and is available everywhere in the world.  The internet based geo applications in Croplook  bring the data on the desk of every professional in the agriculture business. Just a few days after it was recorded in space.

SEBAL model
The SEBAL model has been developed at the University of Wageningen in the Netherlands, by Prof Dr Wim Bastiaanssen. SEBAL stands for Surface Energy Balance Algorithm for Land and is based on the actual intake of CO² and the evaporation H²O of plants. The SEBAL model is accurate per pixel with resolutions down to 10x10 meters. SEBAL is rapidly gaining worldwide recognition through its practical application in a variety of projects, of which the latest is the detailed and accurate measurement of crops in the field. Used by farmers to gain more productivity of a large number of crops. SEBAL is the only model in the world, which provides directly useful quantitative data such as kilograms per hectare or liters per square meter. The model is validated in scientific institutes, through technology assessments and has proven itself in agricultural practice.

SEBAL is exclusively marketet in agriculture markets by Basfood from the Netherlands. With products like Croplook Potato and This last one is a succesful internet based platform in the Netherlands which provides farmers actual crop growth data to gain more crop productivity with less fertilizers and water. In this program farmers recieve 10 growth parameters on a weekly base such as actual crop evaporation, nitrogen content (in kg/ha), biomass production (in kg/ha) and yield figures. Several leading Dutch farmers co­operatives and the­ Southern Agricultural and Horticultural Association (ZLTO) participate in this programm.

Basfood's aim is to deliver customers timely the right crop growth and yield information, which provides customer benefits and contributes to a sustainable food chain. Read More about Basfood here.